A Welcome to Digital Marketing by Lakshya Sharma

Welcome to Digital Marketing!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for taking out a time to connect with my blogs.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Blogs from Lakshya Sharma

I’m Lakshya Sharma based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Studying and practising the art of Digital marketing.
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Here I will be covering all the challenge’s we face in the practical world of Digital Marketing starting from the basics of it.

I won’t be a teacher, but here I would be sharing my real-life experience in the words to help beginners or the one looking to step-in can understand what actually digital marketing is. As it is not only building links or posting on social media’s it’s far more then this.

Hope you will have a great learning experience reading my blogs and they can help you stand with the confidence & real fundamentals cleared in the world of digital marketing.

Keep Supporting! Keep Reading!

Best Regards,
Lakshya Sharma


I’m Lakshya Sharma a passionate soul about digital marketing, Ecommerce and the search industry and have been studying and practicing art of content strategy, Paid Search advertising, SEO, Web Insights and other marketing tools.

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